Food for Fines Ends January 11th

Food for Fines is ending soon!

Continuing until Saturday, January 11th, 2014, the Wilmington Public Library and Clinton Massie Branch are accepting non-perishable food items in payment for fines.

Lost or damaged library items are not eligible for the Food for Fines program.

The payment scale is as follows:

$0.01-$1.00- One Item
$1.01-$5.00- Two Items
$5.01-10.00- Three Items
$10.01-$20.00- Four Items
$20.01-$30.00- Five Items
$30.01-$40.00- Six Items
$40.01-$50.00- Seven Items

If your fines exceed $50.00 please speak to a staff member.

No expired or damaged items will be accepted. Please check your expiration dates.

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