Clinton County Reads 2019

You voted.
We tallied.
The choice for Clinton County Reads 2019 is “Educated,” by Tara Westover.
Stay tuned for details about this year’s programming, which will start in March and culminate with the annual dinner April 11.
Books are available at each of the county libraries.




Educated : A Memoir by Tara Westover
“Tara Westover was 17 the first time she set foot in a classroom. Born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho, she prepared for the end of the world by stockpiling home-canned peaches and sleeping with her “head-for-the-hills bag”. In the summer she stewed herbs for her mother, a midwife and healer, and in the winter she salvaged in her father’s junkyard.

Her father forbade hospitals, so Tara never saw a doctor or nurse. Gashes and concussions, even burns from explosions, were all treated at home with herbalism. The family was so isolated from mainstream society that there was no one to ensure the children received an education and no one to intervene when one of Tara’s older brothers became violent.

Then, lacking any formal education, Tara began to educate herself. She taught herself enough mathematics and grammar to be admitted to Brigham Young University, where she studied history, learning for the first time about important world events like the Holocaust and the civil rights movement. Her quest for knowledge transformed her, taking her over oceans and across continents, to Harvard and to Cambridge. Only then would she wonder if she’d traveled too far, if there was still a way home.” —

Schedule of events

March 11 – Kickoff/Discussion, Joyce Kelly, Wilmington Public Library, 630 pm
March 19 Educated: A Story of Hope, Terri Barton, Sabina Public Library, 6:30 pm
March 20 – Book Discussion, South Street Wine Cellar, 64 W Main Street, Wilmington, 6 pm
March 22 – Book Discussion, Sabina Public Library, 10:30 am
March 24 Plant Medicine, Janet Lawson, Wilmington Public Library, 2 pm
April 2 The Lincoln School Story, Kati Herrington Burwinkel, Blanchester Public Library, 7 pm
April 3 – Book Discussion, Wilmington Public Library, 6:30 pm
April 4 – Book Discussion, Blanchester Public Library, 7 pm
April 11 – Every Book in Its Place, From Appalachia to Paraguay, Kerri Shaw, Dinner, $15/person, General Denver, 6 pm, Call 383-4141 by April 9 for reservations