Journey Stories

On display January 8 through February 7, 2014 at the Quaker Heritage Center at Wilmington College

The Wilmington Public Library is pleased to be a programming partner with the Quaker Heritage Center to bring you this exciting exhibit. Journey Stories is a traveling museum exhibit curated by the Smithsonian Institution as part of their Museum on Main Street program.

Our transportation history is more than boats, buses, cars, wagons, and trucks.  The development of transportation technology was largely inspired by the human drive for freedom.  Journey Stories examines the intersection between modes of travel and Americans’ desire to feel free to move.  The story is diverse and focused on immigration, migration, innovation, and freedom.  It is a complicated story, but it tells us much about who we are – people who see our societal mobility as a means for asserting our individual freedom.

Hours and Events

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For information on all of the Journey Stories special events and programs, see the Journey Stories Hours and Events page on our website or download the event calendar and follow the Quaker Heritage Center on Facebook!

Journey Stories has been made possible by the Ohio Humanities Council.  Journey Stories is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and State Humanities Councils nationwide.  Support for Museum on Main Street has been provided by the United States Congress.