Imagine borrowing books or movies or audiobooks from across Ohio for pickup at your local library. Imagine you can do this from your home computer or at the library.

Well, it’s not a dream, it’s a reality!

Through Moving Ohio’s Resources Everywhere (MORE), you may request items that the Wilmington Public Library does not own.  MORE can be accessed here:


How does MORE work?

Let’s say you search the local catalog for an item and find that this library doesn’t own a copy of the item you are looking for. Click “M.O.R.E.” under the catalog’s “Search” tab and you arrive at MORE’s “Zportal” search page, home to an ever increasing number of Ohio libraries — public, school, and otherwise.

Search all available libraries or tailor your search to specific ones. Once you find the item you want, click “Request it!”

At that point, the system will ask you to input your borrower barcode number, found on your library card, and what library your card is from.

Here’s the tricky part. MORE will ask for your barcode number, a password and your library name. If you never put anything in the password box, you won’t need a password. But if you do put in a password, you are responsible for remembering it. The library has no record of it.

Once logged onto MORE, continue with your request. You can revisit MORE to check on the status of your order. When it arrives, we contact you by mail or e-mail, depending on your preference indicated at the time you registered for a library card.

MORE Information

Signing In:  To begin, under the My Account Category select, Sign In. Enter your User ID. This is your entire bar code number located on the back of your library card.

  • DO NOT enter a password (skip this box).
  • Select the Wilmington Public Library from the pull down list as your Authentication Service.

Search Results  When searching, results will return many multiple entries for the same title, use the Merge Duplicates function to consolidate the results.

Selecting Items:  Select the one record (i.e. book, DVD movie, etc.) that gives you the most accurate description of the item you want. Please do not submit multiple requests for the same item.

Delivery:  Items received through MORE for Wilmington Public Library patrons will be delivered to either the Main Library or the Clinton Massie Branch depending on your preference; patrons will be notified by mail or e-mail when an MORE item is available for pick-up. Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for your MORE item to be received.

Checking Item Status:  Use the My Requests function to check the status of your requests after signing in.

Borrowing Times  Books borrowed through MORE circulate for 3 weeks with up to two 3 week renewals. Due to high demand, movies, DVDs or music CDs circulate for 1 week with one renewal.