Ohio Web Library

The Ohio Web Library provides access to tens of thousands of magazines and journals, many of them full text.  If you need help with your schoolwork, researching a business question, looking for a product review, or just want to explore Ohio, these are the databases for you.

Ohio Web Library

The Ohio Web Library is an evolving collection of thousands of online publications and research resources. The Ohio Web Library includes: popular magazines, trade publications, scholarly research journals, newspapers from Ohio and the nation, encyclopedias, dictionaries, speeches, poems, plays, maps, satellite images of Ohio, and more. The Ohio Web Library supports quality education, a skilled workforce, business growth, and lifelong learning in Ohio. By providing resources statewide, LCO can cost-effectively provide necessary information resources to all Ohioans, regardless of their location, age, education or economic status.

The Ohio Web Library has resources to help Ohioans of all ages and at all stages of life.

  • Ohio Students — Get help with your homework, find research sources for term papers, or explore topics of personal interest.
  • Teachers and Professors — Use resources to support your teaching, engage students and enhance your professional development.
  • Employees and Business Owners — Find reliable business information, access trade journals and keep current on industry trends.
  • All Ohio residents — Stay current with world events, professional news and topics of personal interest.