How do I print from my laptop?

Wireless printing in a public setting is notoriously complicated, but thanks to some simple setups, it may be possible for you to print from your laptop computer while in main library (Wilmington).

PrinterWiFi printing

  • Price is $.10 / page B&W; $.30 / page COLOR.
  • A “Guest ID” with barcode is required. Request from any library staff.
  • Go to this address and follow the directions to temporarily install the library printers B&W and color:

In most cases, at “Print …”, you can specify B&W or color. A print command will request you to input the Guest ID. Print jobs are sent to the Self-Service Station. Take your guest ID barcode to the station. Follow its directions to pay and Release A Print Job.

A few caveats

  • Installing software on your device is your responsibility.
  • Your device may not be supported.
  • You may not have user rights on your device necessary to install the software.