How do I renew my checked out items online?

Navigate to your account by going to our website at

Choose “View My Account” from the website toolbar (located below the large photo at the top of the page).

Log into your account using your library card number (Located below your barcode on your card) and your pin (The last 4 numbers of your home phone, if you don’t have a home phone, it will be the last 4 of the phone number you provided when you signed up for a card.).

Once you are signed in, you will arrive on the “My Account” tab. This is an overview of your existing account.

Click on the “Checked Out” button below the “My Account” buttons on the teal toolbar.

From here, you can check the items you wish to renew, then click the gray “Renew” button at the bottom left of the page.


If you are unable to renew, here are a few reasons why:

  • You have already renewed the item the maximum amount of times (Times Renewed are listed on the far right of the above screen.).
  • Movies can only be renewed 1 time.
  • New Books only can be renewed 1 time (Pink Stickers).
  • All other materials can only be renewed 2 times.

**If you have not reached your maximum amount of renewals and the item still says it is unable to renew, it may be on request.  When an item is requested, it will not allow you to renew.**

If you are having problems with your account, you can call the library at 937-382-2417 x26 or x23 for help during business hours.