How do I request items online?

Once you have logged in (See How do I log into my account online?), use the “Search Catalog” tab to locate the material you wish to request.

Use the search fields to find your desired item. You can search by Author, Title, Subject, Series, or General (a keyword search). Type in what you are looking for in the appropriate field and click Search.

A list will be generated from the words you used in the search fields.  For each item on the list, you can see the cover art, title, author, which branch the book is located at, and status.

To make a request, click on the Request Item button on the right hand side. A “Request Confirmation” page will appear. You can choose what location you’d like to pick up the requested item as well as see where you are in the request queue. Click the Request button to confirm your Request. If you decided you no longer wish to request this time, click Cancel or Cancel and Logout.

It is sometimes better to click on the item (cover art or title) to see the holdings/status of the item before you click the Request button on the list page.  If the item is lost or missing, you will not be able to request it unless we have more than one copy, but if we have more copies, you will be able to request a different one. If there are no holdings of the item, you can request it to be sent here from another library through a system known as M.O.R.E. ( See How do I request items from another library?).

*If you do not want to request the item, but want to save it for a later date, click on “Add to My List” instead of “Request Item”.  Items added t your list will be easily viewed and can be viewed and requested as needed.

If you are having problems with your account, you can call the library at 937-382-2417 x26 or x23 for help during business hours.