Meet your librarian!
 Natalie Furnish

Hello Everyone! My name is Miss Natalie and I am the Children's Coordinator at Wilmington Public Library-Main. I answer to Miss Natalie, Mom, Hey Lady, Library Lady, or Hey You. I love learning, reading, and having fun. I hope you can come join me for all of the above!

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Teachers/Homeschoolers, Educators, Parents & Guardians:

Are you overwhelmed by book lists or choosing supplemental learning materials? Let us help! Click here to submit a request form. Your request can be as simple as "10 to 15 books on "weather" by 10/15/2022 or it can be a detailed list of specific titles and authors and when they are needed by. Please allow 1-2 weeks (3 weeks during peak times) for me to gather the materials for you.

What if the library doesn't have something I am looking for?

If we don't have it, another library in our COOL consortium or even through Serving Every Ohioan may very well have exactly what you seek. Click here to request a hold for a specific item and we will process the request. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive the material. Please note that books requested through SEO cannot be automatically renewed unless a special request has been made.

Want to make a suggestion?

We love it when patrons make suggestions for filling holes in our collection! If you have a material/book you think we should own, Click here to leave all the information regarding the material and I will look into it. 

What fun programs are happening at the library for kids?

      Lego Club                Family Book Club

      Story Time               STEM Club

      Art Studio                Family Craft Night


For any questions regarding the main branch email Natalie at

To request books for pickup at the Clinton-Massie Branch email Kat at